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My Boy, My Prince: A Ball or a Strawberry??

My Boy, My Prince

Baby Covan's 1st Blog

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Ball or a Strawberry??

Is this a ball?? No!.....
Is this a strawberry? No! .......
It is a Strawberry Hat for little Covan!

Check out Neiqy's blog : n e i Q y z . .( neiQyz.. can also be found on the right sidebar of this blog. Thank you.)

Neiqy is one of Covan's "many" aunts....
My apology to Neiqy: So sorry I have to name you "Auntie" here!

Guess I "HAVE" to answer to Neiqy's comment on
this post.....Covan's forehead was scratched by his own little finger nail. This naughty boy loves to rub his face when sleepy.......


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